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Investing in our vegan franchise opportunity is an investment in the future.

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How Much Does a Stand-Up Burgers Franchise Cost?

Stand-Up Burgers is an innovative quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise opportunity. We offer VALUE, CONVENIENCE, and QUALITY with a concept that’s ahead of its time. We’re here to fill our guests’ bellies and fuel their plant-based journey with HOPE, EMPOWERMENT, and a BETTER TOMORROW.

It’s our mission to empower our guests to take a stand and eat a better vegan burger: one that is sustainable, healthy, and bold without sacrificing taste for principles. 

If you’re ready to join our mission to get the world to eat less meat by rethinking classic comfort food, join Stand-Up Burgers today!

How much does a Stand-Up Burgers franchise cost? Let’s break it down!

Investment cost breakdown:


Initial Franchise Fee

$632K - $1.1M

Total Initial Investment

The total initial investment range may vary depending on real estate costs in your area, your real estate interest (leasehold vs. ownership), location, size of the site, code requirements, and other factors, including labor and construction costs. The best way to get an accurate burger franchise cost estimate is to reach out to us to begin your franchising journey.

Investing in a Stand-Up Burgers vegan franchise is an investment in the future. Stand-Up Burgers wants to see our franchisees succeed, so we provide robust onboarding, comprehensive training, and support in the form of real estate assistance, marketing, and ongoing updates to complement our established business model. We’re there for you every step of the way!

What do you get when you invest?

  • Site selection assistance
  • Pre-opening programming
  • Site planning, design development support, and construction support
  • Our Brand Standards and ongoing menu innovation
  • Initial and ongoing franchise training
  • Grand opening promotion support
  • Use of our trademarks and proprietary information
  • Our Operating Manual
  • Maintenance, appearance, and remodeling requirements
  • Advertising and Local Store Marketing support
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Plant-Based Burger, Shake and Fries

For a better vegan burger and a better world, choose a franchise opportunity with STAND-UP BURGERS.

Plant-Based Burgers with Chips and Shake

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Stand-Up Burgers is on a mission to empower people to take a stand while eating a better burger – one that is bold, cruelty-free, and sustainable. 100% Burger, 0% Bulls*!t. Part of the Veggie Grill family.
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