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Empowering people to take a stand while eating a better burger – one that is bold, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

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100% Burger. Zero % Bulls*!t.

Take a Stand for Better Burgers!

Stand-Up Burgers is changing food culture FOR THE BETTER: one vegan burger and one bite at a time.

The future of conscious eating is NOW, and we’ve made classic comfort food that’s sustainable, humane, and delicious. Every item is crafted with ZERO animal products, ZERO cholesterol, and ZERO bulls*!t. FINALLY, a better VEGAN burger the whole world can love!

At Stand-Up Burgers, we save animals and the planet, while never sacrificing flavor. Stand-Up Burgers offers a crave-able, comforting, and innovative menu that everyone can stand up for. By eating our PLANT-BASED burgers, you get to enjoy all of the flavor with none of the guilt.

We stand for responsible sourcing of ingredients that ensures every bite is a step in the right direction for CHANGE. We want to feed the appetites of those ready to stand up for a better VEGAN burger and a better world.

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Plant-Based Burgers and Chicken Bites
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Do Good, While You Eat

Stand-Up Burgers is spreading the word about our better PLANT-BASED burgers. Burgers that are 100% VEGAN, 100% DELICIOUS, and created with 100% KINDNESS in mind.

We’re on a mission to get the world to eat less meat by rethinking classic comfort food and empowering our guests with the freedom to take a stand and eat a better VEGAN burger: one that is sustainable, healthy, and bold, without sacrificing taste for your principles. Stand-Up Burgers believes in empowering people with the freedom to be bold about who they are, what they eat, and what they stand for on their plant-based journey.

Do you have an appetite for a better world? So do we! Stand-Up Burgers believes in the importance of bettering our community, the welfare of our planet, and protecting animals with every action we take. As a restaurant with a profound belief in the benefits of plant-based eating, we’re here to lead the way to a better future for you, the people you love, and the planet we share.

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Come for the great burgers,

Stay for the purpose!

We’re showing customers that eating less meat is EASY with comfort food the world can love! Stand-Up Burgers is inspiring and empowering customers to join the plant-based party: for their health, for the welfare of animals, and for the world.

Every voice matters at Stand-Up Burgers. We’re using our platform to show that business can be a force for good, and we’re passionate about our plant-based journey. Stand-Up Burgers is accelerating and amplifying the plant-based movement by making AMAZING food that’s accessible to ALL!

We make comfort food that’s approachable and leaves everything else behind. No more animal products, no more high cholesterol, and no more destroying the planet with inhumane factory farming methods. We’re innovating American food culture to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Stand-Up Burgers is TAKING A STAND:

  • We believe in bold flavors and bold actions.
  • We’re reimagining the burger stand to deliver delicious and decadent food that is COMPLETELY PLANT-BASED.
  • ALL of the FLAVOR, NONE of the GUILT.
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Stand Up Burger Shake's tossHand with plant-based burger and sandwich

Ready to make a Difference?

If you want to make a difference and lead the way with DELICIOUS VEGAN BURGERS, LOADED FRIES, AWESOME MILKSHAKES, and other familiar foods that make you feel good, consider opening a Stand-Up Burgers of your own!

We're looking for Investor Who:

  • Have embraced the plant-based movement
  • Have some restaurant, customer service, and management experience
  • Are entrepreneurial and sophisticated enough to know their market, run their restaurant, and have the means to sustain growth opportunities
  • Are plant-based pioneers!

Investment cost breakdown:

  • $300K net worth
  • $600K to $1M initial investment

We’re committed to making sure our franchisees are successful. Stand-Up Burgers features a proven business model, comprehensive training program, and robust onboarding process.

Take a stand for the environment, animal welfare, and your health – and get ahead of the curve – with STAND-UP BURGERS.

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The Tribe has spoken

Eat like you give a shake!

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Plant-Based Burgers, Sandwich, Fries, and Shake

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