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What Does It Take to Get Started?

Ready to open a Stand-Up Burgers and want to know what it takes to get started? We’re here to help!

Before you can open your Stand-Up Burgers restaurant, you’ll need to make sure you meet our franchise requirements. We encourage interested prospective franchise owners to take the time to learn more about our values, abilities, and goals before applying. 

To open a Stand-Up Burgers franchise, you must:

Meet our financial requirements

When you sign our franchise agreement, you’ll be expected to pay the initial franchise fee of $30,000. For more information, please visit our Franchise Investment and Costs page.

Meet our background requirements

There are certain qualifications that make investors more adept at our franchise opportunity. For more information, please visit our Ideal Candidates page.

Meet other important criteria

Attend initial training, obtain and maintain insurance, comply with federal, state, and local license certificate and permit requirements, and more, as outlined in our franchise agreement. For additional information, please visit our Franchising Process page.

For a better vegan burger and a better world, choose a franchise opportunity with STAND-UP BURGERS.

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Stand-Up Burgers is on a mission to empower people to take a stand while eating a better burger – one that is bold, cruelty-free, and sustainable. 100% Burger, 0% Bulls*!t. Part of the Veggie Grill family.
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