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Who Should Invest in Stand-Up Burgers?

If you want to make a difference and lead the way with DELICIOUS VEGAN BURGERS, LOADED FRIES, AWESOME MILKSHAKES, and other familiar foods that make you feel good, consider opening a Stand-Up Burgers of your own!

Franchising with Stand-Up Burgers is an accessible way to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams with the assistance of educated industry professionals. We’ll help you build and run your own restaurant in the booming quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry and leverage plant-based dining trends.

Be an early adopter and part of the promise – with Stand-Up Burgers, we’re looking for ideal candidates and investors who are passionate about the plant-based economy and have the financials to fit that passion.

Some of the qualities we’re looking for in ideal candidates include:

  • Has embraced the plant-based movement and is a plant-based pioneer
  • Has some restaurant, customer service, and management experience
  • Is entrepreneurial and sophisticated enough to know their market, run their restaurant, and have the means to sustain growth opportunities
Plant-Based Burgers with Fries and sauce
Plant-Based Burgers with Fries and Shake

Our ideal candidates or investors include:

  • Current investors of other QSR franchises that want to diversify their portfolio
  • Experienced, entrepreneurially-minded plant-based pioneers
  • Investors who are willing to work with an operating partner (if they don’t have restaurant industry experience)

To open a Stand-Up Burgers franchise, you must:

Plant-Based Burgers with Fries and sauce

Franchise Investment and Costs

Meet our financial requirements. When you sign our franchise agreement, you’ll be expected to pay the initial franchise fee of $30,000. For more information, please visit our Franchise Investment and Costs page.

Franchising Process

Attend initial training, obtain and maintain insurance, comply with federal, state, and local license certificate and permit requirements, and more, as outlined in our franchise agreement. For more information, please visit our Franchising Process page.

Plant-Based Burgers with Fries and Shake

For a better vegan burger and a better world, choose a franchise opportunity with STAND-UP BURGERS.

Plant-Based Burgers with Chips and Shake

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Stand-Up Burgers is on a mission to empower people to take a stand while eating a better burger – one that is bold, cruelty-free, and sustainable. 100% Burger, 0% Bulls*!t. Part of the Veggie Grill family.
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