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Stand-Up Burgers training is based on our 16 years of experience in the industry. We’re there for you every step of the way. 

Stand-Up Burgers is proud to be a part of the Veggie Grill family. Veggie Grill is the largest plant-based chain in the U.S., and they provide us with a national platform and infrastructure. Co-founders Kevin Boylan and T.K. Pillan founded the Veggie Grill and Stand-Up Burgers brands in 2006.

Stand-Up Burgers features a business model and comprehensive training program. Franchise investors have the advantage of being on the ground floor of the plant-based movement.


When you invest in a Stand-Up Burgers franchise opportunity, you, your Operating Principal, General Manager, and up to two Crew Lead personnel will complete our initial training program at our headquarters in Culver City, California. Training includes classroom instruction, instruction at a facility, hands-on training, remote training, and/or a self-study program. 

Our four-week training program breaks down as follows:

Week One

During this week, you’ll get to know our team and trainers and learn more about our brand identity, food philosophy, product specifications review, quality assurance review, food safety, kitchen prep, receiving product, equipment usage, kitchen maintenance, cleaning and sanitation, ticket reading, station flow, and more.

Week Two

In the second week, you’ll learn more about kitchen operations, including our grill equipment, grilling methods, fry equipment, frying methods, sandwich finishings, and kitchen stations.

Week Three

The third week of training will teach you everything you need to know about kitchen deep cleaning and closing, FOH/expo stations, beverage stations, inventory product review, cashier and restaurant maintenance, guest experience, POS training, and other important procedures.

Week Four

In the final week of training, you’ll take turns with your Crew Leaders and General Manager to open and close the restaurant for hands-on experience.

Additionally, we provide two weeks of on-site training at your Stand-Up Burgers location before you open. Operating partners and unit management personal will attend an additional 2 week training session focused on operating the business. Please refer to the FDD for specifics.


Our goal is to see your Stand-Up Burgers succeed! We provide support in the form of real estate, marketing, and other valuable ongoing support.

Our support includes:

Real estate support

Stand-Up Burgers can assist you in locating or evaluating a proposed site. We take several factors into consideration, such as general location, neighborhood, traffic patterns, parking availability, size, physical characteristics, and lease terms.

Brand standards

We’ll furnish you with a copy of our specifications for the design and layout of your Stand-Up Burgers restaurant, complete with our mandatory and suggested equipment, furnishings, and fixtures.

Operations Manual

We’ll equip you with our Operations Manual, which contains our standard operational procedures, policies, rules, and regulations.


Stand-Up Burgers will provide you with advertising programs, creative concepts, materials, media, media placement, and more.

Ongoing support

During the operation of your restaurant, we’ll offer additional, ongoing support in the form of on-site training courses, programs, conventions, corporate representative assistance and advice, and updates to any of our Manuals.

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For a better vegan burger and a better world, choose a franchise opportunity with STAND-UP BURGERS.

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Stand-Up Burgers is on a mission to empower people to take a stand while eating a better burger – one that is bold, cruelty-free, and sustainable. 100% Burger, 0% Bulls*!t. Part of the Veggie Grill family.
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